Our Projects

Complete Construction | Renovation | Cemcrete Flooring

VHB Constructions Projects

There is really very little that we cannot do, whether it is with a new project or a renovation project, we provide for all your plumbing, tiling, & other building needs.

  • Complete construction, custom trusses & cemcrete floors
  • Renovation: Bed rooms, Bathrooms, Social area, Kitchens
  • Newly built kitchens in residential format, designing: Concrete counter tops, wood, shelving and much more
  • Industrial Construction, which includes office blocks, apartment blocks, supermarkets and any other type
  • Specialist Cemcrete Flooring
  • Specialists in customized trusses made of wood, steel and a combination of wood & steel
  • Reserve &/ farm based projects include complete build of new Lodges, Store Rooms, Farm Homesteads custom-built to your very need